Serviced Vintage Technics SA-110 Stereo AM-FM Receiver Tuner Amplifier Antennas

Front: 1/4 Headphones Out. Rear: FM / FM Balanced Antenna In. Tape In / Out. R/L Stereo Speakers Plugs/li>. Completely cleaned inside / outside. Treated Connectors / Sliders with DeoxIT Gold and Fader solutions. Replaced panel back light with LED. Checked / verified components. No other accesories are included besides what is stated in the […]


Serviced KENWOOD Higher Series KT-7300 AM/FM STEREO Tuner-Aligned-Custom Wood

BEGIN YOUR E-BAY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE WITH US. This a build quality KENWOOD’s higher end series tuner. You can tell by the design and componets used inside. CD quality reception on FM. Very well loved by one original owner who had custom made rosewood type veneer side panels installed to add some extra beauty to the […]